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Monday, July 25, 2011

Yes, it's about the dogs... again

It finally rained today... An actual storm.  Not the silly little few drops that have been happening recently.  It poured.  I was certainly happy about it.  The dogs, on the other hand... Not so much.

I walked to the back yard to feel the rain pummeling down on my face.  I wanted to make sure that it was actually rain and not someone standing outside making it appear to be raining and making all of those thunder sounds like the movies.  Alas, it was actual rain.

Remember I told you about Chloe?  She's the Pit mix that dives down to the bottom of the pool.  She ran outside absolutely positive that I was ready to toss that damn tennis ball in the pool for her.  Until she felt water... on her back... and she wasn't even IN the pool!

She looked at me as if I had ripped her skin from her body.  She yelped and ran back into the house. (With 5 dogs, it's much easier to leave the door open for a while so they can all come out.  One by freaking one)  She sat at the door completely astonished that the other dogs were able to take the absolute horrific knives falling from the sky.  It was torture for her.

So, being as I want her to get over her fear, I coaxed her to go outside.  I then wrapped her in a towel and figured that this would be a good time to have a rain coat for her.  You know how cute that would be?  Granted I am not the type to dress up my dogs, but this one seriously adores clothing and blankets and warmth of any kind, really.  For Halloween last year, my daughter dressed her up like a bumble bee... Wings and head gear, as well.  Pico, the cat, was a taco.  He wasn't as thrilled with the costume as Chloe was with hers, though.

Anyway, she walked outside, wrapped in a towel.  I picked her up and took her to the grass.  I knew it was her "time".  She's the only dog I have that does the potty dance.  It's a sight, let me tell you.  Her back legs go up and down and she puts her nose to the door.  Of course, she's also the only one who will hold it until she receives an engraved invitation to go.  As I set her on the grass, she jumped back up into my arms as if I was going to bury her alive.  She ran over to the table where the big ass umbrella was still up to shield herself from the hell of this crap falling from the sky.

Now, Chloe has no issues at all with thunder.  Just that wet stuff.  But she dives in the pool... Daily.  She will jump up and push herself off of my chest just so she can do a flip.  Just to show me how incredibly excited she is and wishes to share her enthusiasm with me about going in the pool.

Chloe is a sweetheart, though.  When I walked back inside, she slithered up into my lap as to tell me that she understands that I wish to help her, but keep her the hell out of that damn rain stuff.  If I can't jump into it, it's evil.

And you know what?  We went through this six, yes six, times.  Same reaction each time.  Now she is curled up next to my Rottie and the unknown puppy.  And by the way, she has yet to go to the bathroom.  I'm waiting for her bladder to explode.  And since it has stopped raining, let's hope that she will actually make it outside to the wet ground to pee.  If not, I have plenty of towels available.  Maybe I should just teach her to use the toilet.  Hmmm... Maybe not.

This is the typical, daily Chloe...

She's a nut about the water... As long as it's not falling from the sky....

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