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Monday, July 25, 2011

Jillism... The newest form of politicalism and religious beliefs.. HA!

So I was talking to my mom about Facebook.  She refuses to sign up for it, but wants me to make sure to tell her what all the posts are from my family and even my friends.  So, I have two.  One for her to see and the other one for me.  Now granted, I haven't even logged into the one for me in over two months.  It has bored me to tears.  All I have on there now are invites for all sorts of games. That's just down right annoying.

Back to what I was going to discuss.... So my mother is looking at my Facebook.  She looks at my profile.  Under the Political part... It says Jillism.  It also says that under religion.  She was completely shocked and scorned me for being so rude.

Me: I hate politicians, so I figured the best political way to go is start my own political race, if you will.

Mom: Are you out of your mind?

Me: What kind of question is that? You should know by now that I'm not exactly in my right mind.

Mom: True.  And why can't you put Catholic???????? It is just wrong and rude to make yourself seem to be a God!

Me: Jillism is partially Catholicism, partially Atheism, partially, Buddhism, partially all other isms.  I'm a happy camper, well, okay, most of the time, and so why not follow my moral code?  Don't kill people, just torture them.  Killing is just wrong anyway.  Torture is better than feeding them and paying for them to sleep on a bed and watch tv! So, really it's a combination of political and religious beliefs.  I think it works just fine.

Mom: You need to go to church.  Go talk to the priest.  Say 100 Hail Mary's.  You just need to stop this nonsense.

Me: It's Facebook! For crying out loud.  It's a social site.  I can put whatever I want on there.  Now, if you would sign up for Facebook, you can block me.... For religious reasons.

Mom: I'm not talking to you for the rest of the day.

(Five minutes later)...

Me: Hello?

Mom: Can you tell me what your sister is posting on Facebook?

Me: I deleted my Facebook.

Mom: Have you lost your mind???

Me: No, I gave in to Jillism.  Completely.  I'm going to live electronics free and people free.  Vow of silence.. that whole thing.  So I have to get off the phone now.

Mom: You are such an idiot.

Me: I take after my mother....

Mom: No, honey... After your father...

So, yeah, that was our conversation about Jillism.  Funny thing is, my daughter and a couple of her friends have converted to Jillism.  Someone actually thought I should start this up.  The whole Jillism thing.. yeah, I don't think so.  Unless I can get someone to move me for free and without hassle and stress.  Then look out!  Jillism is coming!

I wonder what kind of logo would be good for that......

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