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Monday, July 25, 2011

A great thing for entertainment.....

I saw this on one of my many pages on Facebook (I look at this shit way too much).  I do think this is awesome though.

I have decided to start another company.  I'm going to call it "Haute Penis Couture".  I'm going to sell little bitty outfits for your man's penis.  I do like the idea.  Maybe I will also sell landscape settings for a woman's boobage.

I will, of course, label everything with a warning:

"Do not take pictures of your penis or boobage dressed up and send them to kids.  It's just not an ideal way to go down in history."

I think that sums it up.  Anyone want to help me figure out what outfits to make?  Anyone know how to sew?

Just a little thing about me, just so you know.....

In 8th grade, I was in Home Economics.  I failed the class.  Wanna know why?  I couldn't sew worth a damn.  Still can't.  I had to make a piece of clothing for myself or for someone else to wear.  Yes, actually wear.  I decided to make a skirt.  Can't be that hard, right?  Man, was I wrong.  It was a complete fail.  My midterm was baking something... I made a butter cake.  It would have been awesome, but I totally forgot to add the butter.  Another fail.  Yeah, my teacher just made me do other stuff that didn't involve sewing or baking.

Now, on the other hand, these days I can cook up some pretty bad ass meals and cakes and shit.  The sewing, though, still sucks.  NO way in Hell will I be able to do that.  I can't sew a damn button.  I'm so glad there are little shops that will fix stuff like that for you....

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